We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. -Martin Luther King Jr


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Show me the ways of the Milky way aglow in white laughter cuddling the planets concentrated thoughts of thousand sages rendered in primal collision of mind and matter. Tell me the stories of each star born in fields of remembrance only to be picked up by the wishes of wistful mortals. Bring me the quasars and meteors and thousand other thriving entities so I can hold them in the cusp of my adolescence. Will you journey with me in the deep fabric of space? Ascend to the stars and know their longing? or why the stars? why not find other civilizations and know of their life their culture and gods. or journey to the center of the Universe and get sucked into a Black-hole? To see the wonders of Time and its cessation? Why not contemplate there for eternity and fathom a whole new Creation in our dreams? Or I could wander the stretches of far- rumored Infinite like a silent guardian and wait for the world to sleep. I know that the thoughts that take flight from my mind dazzle, and vanish into space but if someone can hear my call know my infatuations I plead, the Cosmos is one big place of wonder Nor can i loosen Orion's belt or hold Andromeda in my hand but in death when I shall be free from the cage of flesh and bones I know I can fulfill my desires hold Andromeda in my hands and set it free from its bonds command all the stars to fall into the coldness of night, a celestial wonder like no other, talk to the clouds and rain down flowers in the heart of a battlefield change the nature of nights and days in sync with the seasons So that Winter may not freeze and Summer is content align myself with the rainbow and make its shades fiercer than the Sun to wipe off the tears of gloomy souls Make every planet hospitable with enormous water bodies and a living aura of green The holy ghost of space wandering, dreaming in the darkness and never wanting to descend into the tenebruous world beneath. until I find you my friends dreaming the same dream as me, to create an Earth bereft of grief and sorrow.

© miraj


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