The mystical is not how the world is, but that it is. - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Breaking the Spell

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For oh, so long I have known this- that the spell had been cast and for years I have sought remedies through priests and preachers, healers - all to no avail. And I have learned that there exists no recitation or potion amulet or talisman -nothing like these can break the curse... But, thankfully time has revealed a great, cosmic truth- " God is all-powerful," " What goes around comes around." and, " Evil always boomerangs back to its source." And yes, I have listened to many moving sermons and seen the unexplained but to be granted divine help we must first help ourselves... by never giving a foothold to haters, emotional vampires, - we must upsurp toxicity and apathy and crush denial by bearing witness - declaring it loud and only then, is the spell broken- that evil spell silence, which breeds but strife and with it- violence.

© azure warrior


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