It's not what you see that is art art is the gap. - Marcel Duchamp

My love for you

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I want your lips on my dark chocolate skin I constantly crave you from deep within The love I feel for you is not a sin It’s not a game that’s played to win When I look into your seductive eyes I see a man of truth; not lies We're living on a beautiful island in paradise Enjoying the sunset and the clear blue skies I just love how you massage my body Always smooth and tenderly You continually bring out a spark in me That I want to last for eternity You’re like coffee that gets me addicted If love was a crime I would have been convicted You are the very beat of my heart I’m dangerously in love with you from the start I want to experience something new And it begins with me and you Let’s make love like we never did before But first; put the lock on the door I’m going to romance you all night long You’ll see how much you and I belong I love you so much which is why I wrote you a love song My love for you could never go wrong.

© Jamaican Princess


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