Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Land that Flows with Milk and Honey?

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Across the vale the bells now ring As down the country lane I stroll; So thrilled at what my life doth bring - Much joy I feel in heart and soul. And there, the far-famed Honey-Land, Its bees I hear, quite near me now - Across the lane from where I stand, So sweet the honey, so rich, I vow. Through Etton charming now I stroll, Such peace is here I do declare! Sacred indeed in heart and soul - St Mary’s Church I see, so fair. The sun’s so warm, the air’s quite still, Happy I feel and oh so free! Now up the lane and past the mill - What more can life provide for me? And on I walk, but now I pause, Upon the bridge – with line no more - To Kiplingcotes and York it was, A trail that ramblers now explore. On top I stand and view the scene, Of countryside and distant Wold; At peace I am, so blessed I’ve been, To see its beauty now unfold. Beyond the track now I gaze, ‘Tis Field House Farm upon my right; I see their cattle softly graze - Their milk renowned – gives much delight! Across the fields of waving corn, A sweetly scented breeze, so soft, Now rustles the leaves of trees above, That gently whisp and sigh aloft. A land that flows with milk and honey? ‘Tis true for some –but sad I feel For those who live on streets so bleak, Whose lives society’s wrongs reveal. 28 August 2020



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