It's not what you see that is art art is the gap. - Marcel Duchamp

ripped at the seams

10 nominations

The teddybear lies at the bottom of the toybox, a melancholy sight to see. No button eyes, jacket torn and ears all ripped, and no-one there to hear his plea. “i have yet so much love to give, if someone’d only pick me up. There’s nothing wrong with my arms, They can still give loving hugs...” All the other toys laughed at Teddy. “Your nose is skew!” they quipped. Teddy turned his other cheek, ‘cause the other one was ripped. Then one day Mary came. The toys were so excited! Who would she choose to take back home? The toys were all delighted! Mary took the teddy, and in her arms held tight. She didn’t care or give a damn that Teddy wasn’t right. And in doing so, she fixed Teddy's heart.

© gummo


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