Contrary to popular belief, common sense is not so common. - Voltaire

sitting in the understanding of it

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sitting in the understanding of it if you should ask what it would be like to look into infinity just take a look see for you are looking at it the happy little people do a small dance and i look at their children and see the processors of a future painful like crispy salad they will cackle and crunch in the jaws of life though an easy breeze at the turn of the season might be there with moonlight to ease these window frames that paint the bylines on standby hedges filled with faces contorted to the silhouette the mad vectors pointing this way and that from within our informational black hole it twists beyond reason to reach into the bowels visceral that you don't always have to be poetic about it is the upside of reality sloppy questions like what is infinity makes you think of tan(90) you are in this moment and it is in this moment that you will die this moment will be from now until then so take the time to know it sincerely, understand then that you are at the end now. this place realizes only in infinity that is - where the tangent touches the line to you it seems like when a photon is but a wave-pipe continuous unto infinity where it finds quantum collapse... your awareness manifests where the observation takes place at this very point of infinity is where we are at the face is that of the savage cannibal at campfire in the wake of the stars and moon, it animates and utters to make discourse with this white male he shares his meal with "Fascinating" moving to take a bite "They pity the dead and themselves for feeling this pity. they are much like the dead that affords this lamentation." and I said yes you are what affects you an intellect to lean on a talk of worth ester if you had respect, I would give you half my kingdom though you address me in my own court asking me why I am silent - make haste out of my sight now and see to self-reprimand lest my scepter find no target. but it is an adventure of "is 1 2?" sitting in the understanding of it i might ask you is your magical garden lonely? does a blind beast roam it? can i have a tour please? my eyes are shiny i don't know what type of creature i am my greatest talent is awareness, not intelligence and i feel very fluffy about mystical gardens filled with fireflies mushrooms, stars, ferns and a moon basking over the velvety canopy that is your majestic tree lines that swirl in patterns fractal as i sat there in the understanding of it

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