In heaven all the interesting people are missing. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Dove & the Human

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Wakey wakey, it's the mourning dove. My seductive song snatched you from slumber I know you hear me - your shadow agrees I take a step, you splash your face You take a step, I flutter to a sturdier branch Sometimes I’m taken by surprise and my little body jiggles with the branch As it adjusts to my weight. I look over at you and chirp with glee Its tit for tat Chess, not checkers Moving like coordinated traffic - as a unit Below the dove’s talons It begins when I sing your shower songs You join in unison with much power However Our syncopated two-step is actually ten steps In our case, it takes ten to tango Window, wall, wires all stand between us What a schlep! Like yin and yang, our purpose is to balance One would not subsist without the existence of the other

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