Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Rooseveldt

object affection

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to appreciate the way you are built see this place is the ecology of the heart though it does not pulsate, slap or slither -neither does it squirm a space of this and that and how you feel what the record shows sequence of events just like notes listen to it lewdly when you are alone the voices of people time has blown in the caverns of your intimate mind alone howling tunnels that blast sand and stone to spray like the ocean foam when things blend inexorably the tapestries of flavour we weave sensationally -from plants and stars and thoughts of love for what the heart can not allow to pass in its throbbing is nothing to withhold, to be alone forever to never speak your mind, to be free to paint within the reverie of your intricasy, that one might chance upon our sky many bows of colour which object affection

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