If you can be, be. If not, cheer up and go on about other people's business, doing and undoing unto others 'till you drop. - E.E. Cummings


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I was caught in an insidious plan By a female who I thought loved me for who I am She would say to me "you are the only one for me" But behind my back, she was openly unfaithfully And she was so obviously by being openly promiscuously But I was love blind thinking she was the only love of my life At one point I was going to pop the question By going down on one knee and asking her to marry me But one day i unexpectedly returned home from working away And when i entered my front door There they both where naked laying together on the rug on the floor You can imagine what i did to him next Following i through him naked into the street Followed by his clothes, while the neighbours laughed Then came her rath from me where it hurt her most I ripped up all her designer clothes Next, i smashed up her Rolex watch into smithereens Then out the front door, she was banished in a t-shirt and denim jeans I have stopped looking for someone special to love This is an account of what happened to me with a woman who I loved and thought she loved me, but now I have to concentrate on getting my section dropped from section 3 and getting discharged from this mental health unit but I would like to thank you all for your support

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