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On the Grass I Sit

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What has life in store for me today? in cutting wind so chill - So wretched now with grief and angst I swear, Regrets my life instil. So long, so long it’s been On the grass I sit alone so sad, My mind goes back in time; Days of bliss and calm, of peace and joy, My life was then sublime. So long, so long ago Up I look and see the clouds so dark - So grim and bleak, so vile; A jaunty saunter through the Wolds I took - But was it all worthwhile? So long, so long ago Drops of rain I feel upon my brow, I cringe - my life’s so dark; Such blissful, happy times I had with friends Relaxing in the park. So long, so long ago What now? I ask – my life so full of grief, And all so drab and drear; Summer joy was then so bright and blessed, Our lives so full of cheer. Oh so long, so long ago I hear the circling martins twitter and chirp, So high above me now; The scenic Wolds I see, so fine and clear, With hope my life endow. This is now! - I know! Brightly shines the sun in sky so blue A shaft of light so strong; I hear a blackbird signal life is sweet - It sings a hopeful song. So happy, so happy? What now for me with sun so bright, so warm? No longer drab nor drear; My rooks now screech and scream above my head, My life now full of cheer! Indeed!



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