Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish. - Albert Einstein

The Singing

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Listen to the insight of birds Their musical splendor It is sung in shrouds Lest spoken to upon dreaming Carry the music Drift along cradled Like a basket of Moses To where the reed birds sing The melody is captivating A most elegant solution But what is left wanting Is the resolution A question is a noose tying ends One may jump through in splinters Though, it is healthy to be selfish Becoming a node Mission around alone Take care of your neighbor Try to learn about what is going on But remember that within much knowledge Lies much regret And the border is binding Music is limited So it repeats in patterns Paying attention Wavers the axiom Correlations found are incomplete They map the unreal to which it links The universal thread From event to proposal Theories end up Genus-differentia Sliding through the slipknots Take the broken question Pleasing it while fixing Understanding begs a question What causes it does not Listening to the singing of the field You can feel the answer

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