As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. - Leonardo da Vinci

Red Shift

Drift away- come full circle in this fishbowl. Swirl around the circumference; stars and planetoids seem motionless underneath the castle’s dome, protected. Waves crash above as galaxies collide- destruct and construct the beaches which all life resides. Swim forever in the emptiness. Vast ocean. Sink down into the crevices while the bowl expands; crimson. Tiny increments transform into incalculable territories. Boundaries fade. Float away. Debris hovers near the top. The universe hides itself below; its nucleus is at the core beyond everything that is known. Darkness settles there where light ceases to exist. No matter survives the voyage. A hole, the only thing that persists; the negative glue spins. But, the cosmos cannot last. Tap, tap is heard on the glass, the ocean is prepared for its next incarnation. The universe must concede to the will of its deity. To live a billion years in seconds, the framework of time is miraculous; but, another plane of subsistence waits. Passed the maker’s plumbing and all the way down the drain.

© undawnted


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