The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us. No choice is simple and no one can know what the future holds. - Babylon Five

Sun Palate

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Beauty comes in many forms It manifests in every sense Yet remains out of reach None the less man goes out In his love to consume it To hold it within his heart Edging it in a bit closer Reason is much like it It comes from the heart of man You can stick a brush in it Like it is a can of paint Without us it would not be Like the very idea of concept Ins and outs lest melancholic Nobility could beg objectivity But if it was to be taken Both reason and beauty would fade And so one finds the meaning Between the amplitudes of both The positive and negative It is where the field resides Experience creeps in to draw Man's own face within his heart His mouth flows over with it To get to it he uses violence Employing destruction for gain He uses his hand to caress Soft and smooth surfaces It is seen there by all of us As we are reflected by ourselves Tasting sounds musical of noises No scrutiny but just the moments Simply to be without judgements So that it might turn unto the ends Of the earth as it creates ours The sun kissing vast horizons To each man his own devices Like a caged animal forced To look at all he desires And so we employ the senses In vain hopes of crafting keys To unlock the best we have within Prismatic spray warm and light What we do with it is we let it Shine down upon our velvet skins In fields of grass and beaches Taking in the golden brilliance All we can give back is time The only valid credit to buy life We find it also within ourselves And in order to gain it there Or rather then at least closer We kiss each other with tongue If not that then on the cheek The forehead or even nostrils But we are forbidden to enter Physically man makes attempts So he presses some buttons And sometimes like a slot Machine the jack pot is struck And she opens up to take you in So man might send his signal Encoded in spastic movements It is rather silly how we try Every morning it is the same thing Sometimes in glory and yet again With the wrong foot first out of bed What would one be without the other For they are two sides of the same Coin we use to slip into the machine Medallion deep in man's slumber Roared in space soft and soundless Beamingly smiling like the lips of Sol Traversing the void in wavered silence Penetrating our dome harboring all Air refracting as thicker medium does Yet revisited as often as we think Skewed from the path down it rains Entering into day fresh like stains It is as night readily repeated leaves Behind the revolving planet's curtains As the swung pendulum hypnotic stages The dream we fall asleep in the audience The waking hours summoned by yesterday Like clockwork born to cradle magicians Back of minds in front of the splendorous Wonder of creation's perfect insinuations In continuum that could not stand days Of life being broken into many pieces Separated while in fact the same creases Of one sheet greeting the old twilight returned There was a place where we rested once For wracked bodies down in the yellow hay Grown beneath the solar oven forest roofs But it died with the rise of the mind of man Under the iteration of our solar cycles While the grandly blue and green subsided Fertile planet dominated whore becomes But it all changes as existence in temporals We don't count the days of our cosmic processions Rather it is viewed like some form of progress While the sun yet kisses showing us its sweet face On the far splitting distance mirrors reflections Sounding as lovely as crystal it shimmers songs Dancing on Gaia's waters for beauty's necromancers

© CuldeSac

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