Don't knock on mastrbation, it is sex with someone i love. - Woody Allen

The Moon’s Rejoinder

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Do not be startled, I am responding to you. Haughty, you say, no, please do not judge me as I refrain from judging you. Indeed as I spin, a child’s ball on a string, I stray farther from you, so I pray you won’t grieve when I am a hole in the sky, and, you see, I have much to do. I am your only moon that brings light in the dark of the void as my brother sun rests at the end of day. I control the tides and am privy to the secrets of the sea and can bend those secrets to my whim. It is my light that reflects from your lover’s eyes and skin as you lie close in bed. And I am alone but not lonely, surrounded by millions of pinpoints of light, as you float among sparkling stars who walk in shoes like your own. Take heart, and bonne nuit, let not your aloneness be lonely. (A companion to “Whispering to the Moon”. Thanks to Mental Journey for the information about the moon moving farther from the Earth.)

© Jaybird


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