Happiness is not achieved by the concious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. - Aldus Huxly

Black Taxi

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A man had embarked on a long trip Walking to where he wanted to go This is how he chose to get a grip On the man in his mirror, he wanted to know Through hot and cold and rain that did drip While they talked, all too far he would go As a wave of dizziness swept over him He decided to rest for a little while He sat under a low hanging limb Then leaned back and closed his eyes He woke up to a world deathly quiet Not a person anywhere he could see He was walking somewhere, but couldn’t remember it So he walked on for a while and let it be Later, a black taxi pulled alongside The driver lowered the window to speak And offered to give the man a ride He would take him wherever he did seek When his passenger seemed somewhat confused He said, “It happens all the time We’ll ride a while and talk a bit Pretty soon it will all be fine.” “How did you get in this line of work?” The man asked as he watched the land drift by In the mirror a twinkle came to the driver’s eye As he told his charge his reason why “I used to captain a boat you see And ferry people to their promised land But as planes and bridges avoided the sea I was left with naught but idle hands. The times do change, and so must we, So I left my boat and got this taxi It’s the same old job I’m doing though I’m still ferrying people where they must go.” As the man talked about his recent life, He noticed “Martin Ferryman” on the driver’s card And forgot about all his strife, As time began to retard He knew then where he had to go As he left himself on the side of Stix Road

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