At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid. - Friedrich Nietzsche

out of time

outside the wild antelope's leg flexes but you see its muscles ripple slowly and it does it for a specific reason so i want you to recognize movement just the same with a flower blooming watch it opening itself up to the sun unknowingly it shows its pretty petals that unfurl majestically from within there are these very natural phenomena and they take place in their own time with an exactness it gets done and then people get to remember it for a while everything you see gets done on time even the cricket song outside the window for a moment it is there but by morning it is gone like the night you remember know it is so with too much to learn that the human eye is so very hungry and although it came to know a fine point you know that there is too much to see and so it is with your immortal heart how it throbs with rich and warm dreams reacting quickly when in danger springing indulging forever when safe from the end but crystal particles run out too fast leaking through the thin neck on the desk of the finely crafted ornate sand glass always judging the soundness of your mind and so i want you to look and look again at how finely the antelope's muscle flexes it only does it now and for good reason perfectly timed as flowers bud and bloom meanwhile learn a language to speak words for there must be time left to use it employing the tool like it won't end trying to lay it all down differently i find it so amazing that i can't express what humans find the time for to do things anything at all in the face of futility for there assuredly is so very little time what is has been and will be again you see the one that is calls back the past again but let this comfort you as you take hold of the loose straws like slipping seconds it is a dreadful thing to think that it will happen only this very once in a lifetime especially since you romanticize it so well for so many years you have glorified it now that you are here facing it at last it must be a terrible thing to discover you with yourself and the last moment but i don't think it is just like that i would like you to take some comfort in the fact that even your very own moment of becoming the best has happened and that it is not up to you to change take it in like a fresh breath of air to flex your might like the deft antelope in the face of the events that are unfolding for it is not for you to create novelty like the movement of animals in nature and the subtle changes that plants make accept that there never really was enough time to bring forth anything quite profound i know that it is sad that it is now over but then again that is how it is perfect nothing is left but for you to do and enjoy the great acts that are still left to you

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