The ideas that have lighted my way have been kindness, beauty and truth. - Albert Einstein

A Little Thing

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04-07-2003 (For anyone who is feeling "little") “A Little Thing” am a little thing the smallest firefly scuttling across the ceiling of the vast night sky so very, very small if you don’t look you wont see me almost nothing compared to the big that surrounds me but look closer not at the brightest star that beckons for your admiration but for the littlest thing that’s barely there no dancing beams to catch your eye no heart on my sleeve the wonder shines inside and the smallest door leads to the biggest room and the brightest light that fills each corner and the warmest hug you will ever know but you will never know unless you look away from the brightest lights and your eyes get used to the dark and after a while you will see me here with all the rest of us the littlest things

© Dastrix


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