Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. - Japanese proverb


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I watched my confused shadow dance on the wall, As my heart saw its sanity drift away. I sat and wondered how much further to fall, As my Lover told me she wanted to, but could not stay. I felt her tears roll down my face, As she kissed me, one last time. My heart felt lost, with no safe place, As I witnessed another cruel, futile crime. I tasted the bitterness of invisible thieves, As they once again pulled our souls apart. I could taste my pain returning, The pain of a burnt, lonely heart. I smelled an uncomfortable silence, As my mind slowly shut itself down. I could smell the return of my inner violence, As it forced my face to frown. I heard how her soul cried out for me, As mine tried desperately to hold on. I heard a voice ask; Why do I let this be? As I tried to answer, she was already gone. 1 Sept 2002 (RSA)



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