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To my dear unborn sun

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It's almost two years ago that a little life started to grow and he was supposed to be so beautiful, special and free Till today, I dont know what happened or how I could let you go but I will always love you, a fact I am sure you truly know God gave me a taste of greater things to come, but sometimes I just wish, that I could take you with me little one. I do miss you everyday, although I know that you are safe The Lord made other plans for you so I am trying to be brave. It's been two years since I've lost you and I've mourned for you every day... As I see your face around me, and your smile in every word I pray I know that you were never meant to spend time here on earth and I know that there in God's big hand you'll get everything that you deserve. I just want to say that I miss you and that I love you with my heart and soul... and someday we will be together, when for me God gives the call. But until then I have to go with courage every day for you live here inside my heart, and there you'll always stay.

© Aneska


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