Witch Hazel!

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You've done it again, conniving bitch... I'm referring to you, Hazel the Witch! Defrauding your friends, then doing a duck; This time for sure, you'll run out of luck! Grandiose schemes or sob stories unfold... So much deceit from lying lips rolled! For three decades now, you've lived by your wits; That you've suckered me twice, gives me the shits! A short-term loan...for that you had pleaded; Your big sixty bash, cash badly needed! To calls for repayment, you had not responded, Before, true to form, you once more absconded! Again left behind, a long trail of debt... Your gambling addiction, your undoing yet! For theft, other charges, you are also sought; You can't run forever, 'ere long you'll be caught! Lying, conniving and outright thieving... Followed by ducking, diving and weaving! This time around, for sure, without fail, Hazel, dear Hazel, you'll end up in jail!* *autobiographical

© Yogibear


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