The most potent muse of all is our own inner child. - Stephen Nachmanovitch

Where does love go when it dies?

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Everyone is here, everyone except you but within me, deep within myself you’re alive… from the day you walked into my life you’d forever be a part of my soul and from the first time you held me in your arms I knew that this was the place where I, for eternity, wanted to be. My senses alerted at you’re every touch and they gave in to you’re every command. My skin felt you even though we were gone, and I my body betrayed my trust. My mind never could accept, feelings of control being lost. I realised that loving you, would be to my demise cause it hurts so much to love you as much as I know I do. Upon dreaming in moonlight shadow, my dreams were stolen away, from fantasy to the bans of hell, you’re love makes we want to die. The devil is good and ready, waiting for my soul but all I want to know from him, is what is love’s true goal. He answers me with a question, one I’ve been repeating since then Love is beautiful when it’s alive But where does love go, when it dies?

© Aneska


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