It is better to make a decision and fail, than not to make a decision and fail. - William Gets


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Haven’t I been there yet enough times? Hasn’t it hurt till my soul bled? Haven’t I conquered u so many times, or did I simply assume u were dead? Oh mind, leave me be… you are cruel in every way. I never want to go back there – I don’t want to feel that pain! Oh body stop deceiving me… Stop reliving what’s in the past. Stop making me remember, the feelings that demolished my heart! A sleeping child, dreaming dreams of pure white snow… Her tiny little body, ripped apart… with embedded traces, where the blood has once flown. Never will she cry again, or give in to memories of them… This promise she had made herself, as she washed away traces of them. Never again will she ever know, the joys of happiness, or the sorrows of pain. All of that will stay locked away, inside her emotionless heart. But sometimes, just sometimes, her mind will cause, that she suffers yet another broken heart. She has never been able to say it… Never been able to share, But slowly her flesh keeps reminding her mind, That her rapist – is still out there!!!

© Aneska


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