The Police

20 Mar 2024

Words that scare the police
I know what they are
It’s risky just to think of them
Before they come crashing through the door
Bellowing like they did on the trains 
Panic in their eyes 
The dark shadow of fear upon them.

Others may say them
The true owners
Who understand execution
The hanging
The terror
The blood on the floor.

It’s because they know how to use them
Ancient words of terror
Passed on down father to son
When they turn up in the village
Killing the men
Taking the girls.

The police understand this
Something in the dna
That’s why they look the other way
Arrest the women
Lock up the men
Go for the kid on the street.

It’s a covert language
Secret societies
	no Jews no Catholics 
Brother to brother 
A matter of territory maybe
Like the gangs of east el a.

What you have to do is not see
Turn away
Say you were asleep
	I was asleep
		I didn’t hear a thing.

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