Mr. Boring to Deckard

09 Jun 2024

Mental Journey
This is to you, you are my friend,
Even though we have never met
Because in this time of approaching night
I want you to know,
You helped save my life!

Through illness, loss, and attempts
On my life, suicide was ever present
Your comments and your works
We’re a light in the dark
The few minutes a day
Sent my mind on a lark
Releasing stress in a pleasant way

Years later, things are good
I only wish I could return the favor,
I’d give you my strength if I could,
The world needs you longer

So whatever happens,
Be strong and know,
You’ve done something good
As my life will show
This is little comfort I’m sure
I hope others can offer more.





Mental Journey

Mental Journey

I am on a journey of the mind. Contemplating the universe on every scale, and doing a complete introspective exploration. I may never be a literary academic, but I share my humble thoughts in hope that they may inspire others.

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