Crystal Caverns

05 Sep 2023

We ran through
               golden pastures
in and out of
               crystal caverns
we were young and
               full of life.
We met the future
               head on
were bumped and bruised
               dealt out a few
even to those 
              we loved.
Now those fields
               lie arid and brown
crystal caverns
               dank and cold
as we plod on
               fearful of the future.
There's only 
               so little time
there's only
               so much rhyme
to recover
               the we that we were.
But we'll meet it
               head on
we have to 
              stay strong
to make the future
               the past.
And when we do
               just we two
will run through
               golden pastures
in and out of
               crystal caverns.
Until time
               dares to end
and we look
               at each other
and say, goodnight,
               my friend.

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