Be Noone

08 Nov 2023

Let the water wet your hands, 
Without disturbing its flow. 
Bring light to the lives you touch, 
Unbeknownst to all those souls. 
Leave quietly in silence, 
without letting them ever know.

Atleast yoi'll be nobody's hope, 
Nobody's dream or desire. 
Nobody would know you, 
Noone will know 'bout your pyre.
Come laughing with tears in your eyes, 
So you can leave calmly while being burnt in fire. 

If you do some and make a lot of noise, 
You may get some prize. 
But would you like to be awarded where,
Most pious truths are to be seen as lies. 
Lets be noone, lets be nothing, 
Atleast for once, lets be ourselves in this life. 

Free Verse





I'm trying to be more humble and kind, by venting out my unspoken rants in here.

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