Symphony Of Despair

01 May 2024

In the caverns of her mind, she screams in despair,
A solitary echo in the chilling air.

"God, answer me!" Her voice, a desperate plea,
Lost in the void, devoid of reprieve.

"Why create me, knowing only pain?
To suffer in silence, to wither in vain."

"Where were you when innocence bled,
When childhood's laughter turned to dread?"

"In the shadows, I wept, alone and afraid,
Yet your presence, a ghost, forever delayed."

"When my innocence shattered, in silence I cried,
Your absence, a wound that never subsides."

"Where were you when my daughter ceased to breathe,
Leaving me stranded in grief's suffocating sheathe?"

In the depths of her torment, no solace found,
Only the haunting echoes of unanswered sound.

No flicker of hope in this desolate night,
Only the cold embrace of endless blight.

Each unanswered question, a thorn in her soul,
Each silent moment, a black hole.

She claws at the darkness, seeking a sign,
But finds only emptiness, a cruel design.

In her shattered reflection, no glimpse of grace,
Only the visage of a broken face.

No redemption song in this symphony of despair,
Only the discordant notes of unanswered prayer.

Alone she stands, in the abyss of her pain,
Lost to the void, where light cannot reign.

No happy ending in this bleak tale,
Only the endless echo of a broken wail.






From a small town in Tennessee

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