Burden of mine

06 Nov 2023

Jamaican Princess
Like a thief in the night
You appear by my bed in plain sight
To take all my burden in your hands
I find it hard to understand
Why you won't leave me alone
So I could deal with my problems on my own

This soul of mine is shattered like glass
But one day all my pain may come to pass

You can’t mend my heart that was broken in two
No matter what you say or do

If you’re my guardian angel send to me from above
Then I’ll gladly ask for your help with love

If you say you’re not
Please walk away and don’t look back

For you can’t bear my pain
And can’t stop these tears from pouring down my eyes like rain

It would be unfair giving all my burden to you
Just trust and believe that I will heal and start anew.





Jamaican Princess

Jamaican Princess

I am from St.ann's bay Jamaica. I love to write poetry, song lyrics, and short stories especially poetry because it speaks to my soul.

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