like music

07 Sep 2023

look at her eternal eyes
from the weathering time
guarded until the last
breath leaves her chest

a man is a guardian owl
the music enters through
his eyes to charm him
as it echoes in his mind

at first it begins fresh
sound is crisp and clear
but time takes its toll
and it becomes sluggish

but the world is a lady
and she plays like a harp
by the curves of her body
the way her back arches

closing my eyes to listen
i allow it to enter me
harmoniously it resonates
for its heart is my own

down my spine a shiver comes
i see men verily occupied
in small booths with boxes
of food and with books

for what the music means
is to touch the symphonies
that are other human beings
and not to waste away alone

but then again to go out
keeping their voices in mind
to inhale the breath of leaves
shingling in the tree branches

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