Rhythm and Blues

08 Jun 2024

Night is the time of both demons and dreams,
the best laid plans, the most unthinkable schemes.
We danced so close that Saturday night,
two souls together like one in full flight.
Our tickets were punched a long time ago,
lonely forever, but no one must know.
We came here with others now standing by
watching us shuffle, watching our lie.
Bells tolling for us were ringing,
drowned out by Smokey Robinson singing.
All the while we became bolder
as you lay your head upon my shoulder.
Rhythm and blues, you whispered,
rhythm and blues,
that's what life is, rhythm and blues.
When the music was over we left with the band,
and as we got off the floor I kissed your hand.
I had never seen you before, I haven't since,
and when I think of us I have to wince.
But it was the night I got the news,
rhythm and blues
rhythm and blues,
that's what life is,
rhythm and blues.







Veteran of old My Poetry Forum before its hiatus. Happy to be back.

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