Turnig My Life Around

09 Sep 2023

I turned my life around for the better from a violent gang land criminal organisation
I always thought that i would not make it to my late 40s and be killed by assassination 
For i know quite a few men who were murdered by other gangsters that was. how they got their reputation
To join such an organisation you swear that you will comply with the criminal code of silence
But if you tell your fellow gangsters you want out you are in a difficult dangerous situation
You are balancing on the fence between life and death as you waited for the results of there adjudicating 
From the age of 16 i worked my way up to a high ranked member of this gangland organisation
Relucting they agreed my request with a warning to keep silent or something bad will happen
Ever since i have been working with adolescences who have learning difficulties and autism
That gives me the feelings of pride and a sense of contentment which is the greatest a man can achieve

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I have a mental health illness and I was a inpatient in a private secure mental health hospital not because i was a danger to the public but because i myself was the only person who was in danger from me was myself and that will reflect in my poetry...

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