Chat with my younger self

02 Nov 2023

Though I can’t know for sure
How things worked out for us,
I prayed for you long ago
That in me you’d always trust

In moments you were uncertain
Weighed down by your fears,
I told you then as I do now
Let no one see your tears

Silence those thoughts with chemicals
Let spirits numb that pain,
And twenty years now gone by
I need remind you again

Your world must seem happy
Smile that hides malaise,
Inner thoughts a secret
Futures built on praise

We laugh out loud and try to drown
That voice we disallow, 
Those doubts and sorrows we carried then
That survived with us somehow







I am a button pusher. I stir up trouble. It is what I do. I live in the borders between light and dark. I can write about beautiful things, and joy and love, but I find I am more creative when i write about the dark. I love to hold a mirror up to the...

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