Tourist Trap

21 Mar 2024

Good day, me hearties,
and welcome y’all to hell,
you think you’re here for a visit
but you might stay a spell.
Your travel man has advised you
this will be an interesting trip,
our climate is a bit balmy
with heat that does not dip. 
But you’ll reacquaint with old mates
who you were certain were lost,
and the really fine part is 
it’s an adventure without a cost.
We have nine circles to cover,
so it is time to begin,
and, oh yes, the guestbook,
don’t forget to sign in.
Because of our exceptional nature
we need to know who you are
and if you happen to wander astray
you can be rescued before going too far.
Let me show you our furnaces
where we work to keep the earth warm,
the laborers you ask, volunteers
and you’ll be sure to see their dorm.
The tour is now ending
and I’ll escort you to your flat,
you say you didn’t expect an overnight,
but you’ll stay longer than that.
We appreciate your cooperation,
if you have a problem, we will fix,
and in your time off your labors
take a cruise on the River Styx.







Veteran of old My Poetry Forum before its hiatus. Happy to be back.

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