12 Sep 2023

Come to the carnival and ride 
the carousel with me,
we'll go round and round,
come ride with me
on the carousel,
get your feet up off the ground.
Pick your horse,
my darling,
whether red or white or blue,
hold on tight,
my darling,
enjoy something new.
Listen to the music,
sweet lady,
while you ride mile after mile,
such beautiful music,
sweet lady,
as joyous as your smile.
Grab that brass ring,
be a winner,
don't worry, you won't fall,
ignore those other cheap rings,
you're a winner,
relax, we're having a ball.
Now it seems like a long time
we've been on this ride,
and I don't want to scoff,
but it's been a really long while,
I'm getting tired,
and I just want to get off.
Oh, no, the man who runs this ride
has packed his bags
and slipped out of town,
he's taken all the money,
run off, I hear,
with the carnival's clown.
How I wish we hadn't 
gotten on this ride,
next time I'll say never,
but will there be a next time,
or will we go round







Veteran of old My Poetry Forum before its hiatus. Happy to be back.

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