Time Trance

09 Sep 2023

As i sat on a bench in the middle of Liverpool, watching the world go by
I found myself pondering, what we are doing on this earth and the reason why
I unknowingly i entered into a thought trance and was oblivious to people nearby
In my thought trance, i was perplexed about the thing called time
We are unable to see it, touch it or feel it and how fast or slowly time passes us by
For i am 56 years old, so i am 29433600 minutes old in that thing called time
It is a true fact that if i was travelling in a car time would be travelling faster for me than the people i pass by
When i came out of my trance i noticed that two hours had unknowing to me gone by 

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I have a mental health illness and I was a inpatient in a private secure mental health hospital not because i was a danger to the public but because i myself was the only person who was in danger from me was myself and that will reflect in my poetry...

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