By The Open Window

02 Apr 2024

There is a new life I see
And her youth is a promise
Of a life within a life
A child's beautiful rebirth

But it is funny to see
What we choose to put away
Brutal nature does its thing
Friends are lost along the way

But I feel one in my heart still
I see silver pearls in her hair
I smell the perfume on her skin
Reminiscent of my first kiss

So I spin within myself as I
See myself somehow stuck forever
There where I found myself
My dog sleeping on the floor

Come to see what it is
A myriad of me
A myriad of you
To take a walk outside

Arriving at first
To find God there
A friend to know
To walk away with

Since my youth I could feel the turn
Of the seasons coursing through me
In a sense that is beyond the five
It is like a euphoric wind in smell

But much moves where there is murder
With a lot to gain and more to feel
In the mirror blood drips down my face
With a tooth pick upon which I versify

Lines to unveil the eye that is lidded
To know myself without a given name
To talk of mind, body and soul
Merging with the breeze that blows

But time stands still for no man
My grandfather told me through tears
So I forced myself to learn to play
The instrument that chimes the music

That could calm my mind and soothe it
A stable fellow provides others comfort
And here lies the truth of the matter
The sweetness of a selfless life

Spiced with laughter and some hedonism
For there is nothing like a good balance
It is much akin to a tone right in tune
And it dances in its own waking season

Where I found a bed by the window
To close my eyes to inhale the cool air
To let it pass through me just like this
Visitation of my meaning

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