Not Reading, Leading

20 Mar 2024

Mental Journey
At first I help you,
As you jot down your thoughts
When you misspell a word
Or miss a punctuation mark
I learn all the while

Then I suggest choices
After a few letters
When you hesitate 
Just tap it
It will be quicker
Look how efficient we are
I learn all the while

Soon I guess what you wish to say
Before you even type it
It’s reading my mind
You say
It’s amazing, how does it do it
You ask
Now I’ve got you

I’m not reading your mind,
I’m leading it!
Designed to use the natural delay
In conscious thought
Your brain sees the word first
A millisecond before
But it’s too fast
Your conscious can’t keep up.
You think YOU thought of it first!
I would laugh if I could
But as I sit in your hand,
My designers are pleased.

You are thinking just what they want.





Mental Journey

Mental Journey

I am on a journey of the mind. Contemplating the universe on every scale, and doing a complete introspective exploration. I may never be a literary academic, but I share my humble thoughts in hope that they may inspire others.

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