21 Jun 2022

Merry, it is while the summer lasts
I feel the sun beating down
Through the clear bright blue sky
Taking off my T-Shirt to catch the sun
Each hot day while the heatwave blasts
A large golden sun without a cloud in sight
This heatwave sun is now too bright and hot
For man or beast
I take cover underneath a large oak tree
Unlike the worker bee that dances
Directions to meadows of flowering food
Day after day, dawn until dusk
The roosting birds sing their song
While taking refuge from the heat
In the woodland canopy
For this heatwave is too much
For me and thee

Free Verse






I have a mental health illness and I was a inpatient in a private secure mental health hospital not because i was a danger to the public but because i myself was the only person who was in danger from me was myself and that will reflect in my poetry...

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