An Abandoned Soul

12 Sep 2023

There's fire in your eyes
and it's no surprise.
Your piercing look 
has got me shook.
My body quivers,
but mostly shivers
I cannot stand upright
your grasp is so tight
Your hand around my neck
I'm about to hit the deck.
I have lost all self-control 
I am an "abandoned soul."
There is no one there to assist
So alone I must try to resist. 
I must attempt to get ahead
I have no choice but to tread
And I must fight the good fight 
as I encounter this plight.  
Every struggle we must endure
Face it head-on and never detour.  








I love to write about my life, my family, and my Christian values. We struggled growing up but our parents always found a way to provide us with what we needed. We grew up laborers, working in the fields in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas. My 8...

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