The Ultimate Insult

14 Nov 2023

You snotty heap of rat droppings
You really make me sick
Your body odour stench is repulsive
And you have the intelligence of a brick
You spray spit when you talk
And it smells of shit
The puss dripping from your face
It is the result of not washing                                                                                               It comes from green carbuncles
And not the common zit
Females hide when you are around
You make them feel disgusted 
I don't think you wipe your arse
For you have shit stains in the back of your trousers 
It looks like yellow-brown custard
Your nose constantly has a runny discharge
It is the consistency and colour of mustard
This insult might be cruel but it is the truth
I tell it as it is
Therefore you fuck off away from me
Before I lose my temper
Because you have all the symptoms of dog distemper
And you make me want to be sick

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I have a mental health illness and I was a inpatient in a private secure mental health hospital not because i was a danger to the public but because i myself was the only person who was in danger from me was myself and that will reflect in my poetry...

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