Loyal son

19 Mar 2024

Everyday I wake up feeling pretty good 
Until I think of you which effects my mood 
I think of anger & pain and the things that always happened
Which repeatedly broke my spirit and left me a little altered

So many times you broke my trust
But I always forgave, as I felt I must
But again & again you broke my soul
Which left me feeling like an empty black hole
So I write my grief down to help me get through
To help me forgive myself "not you" 
I could never forgive you for what you did
You crushed my heart, a broken kid

Like cracks on the wall they've continually grown
Until the day I filled them all
I now spend my days repairing myself
So I can move on & leave you on the shelf
You can stay up there and gather dust
As you do not belong in amongst my trust
Cause to many times you took advantage 
Leaving me alone & ever so damaged

Now I've broken away from your talons
I see who you are which is hard to fathom
You were suppose nurture and guide me through life
But instead you abused me, cause you felt it was right

That was enough for me to say
I've had enough today is my day
So now I'm moving on little by little
Growing faster & stronger and not so brittle

If only you seen me for the man I've become
You might have treated me better, your only loyal son






A little broken through life but fighting my way through the dark to find light on the other side

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